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Technology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 5

Technology - Essay ExampleNevertheless, at the time most people used the commercial phones such as telephones to communicate especially in businesses and other related matters. Such kind of communication was extremely expensive and only a small percentage of businesses could afford. Consequently, those who were able to purchase or own these kinds of phones used them with extreme caution and for very important reasons. Conversely, private entities such as homes used the phones for communication although this was only present to those who could afford such kind of luxury at the time (Miller & Horst, 2006).Eventually, mobile phones were discovered by an inventor known as Martin Cooper in 1973 while he worked as a senior development engineer in the mobile equipment group. According to Cooper, the invention of a portable phone was driven by the necessity he saw from people to communicate in a more private manner as compared to the then phone communication where privacy was not upheld. Furthermore, Cooper argued that apart from the privacy issue, people needed phones that they would use anytime and anywhere without necessarily having to be connected to immobile places such as office desks, homes or even persons who traded with phones for communication (Miller & Horst, 2006).In this regard, Ling (2004) articulates that the use of mobile phones is highest across the world. According to a recent research, there are approximately six billion mobile subscribers out of the seven billion people population across the world. Moreover, more people continue to embrace the information and communication technology by becoming mobile subscribers. For instance, Asia is argued to be a region with the highest number of mobile subscribers across the globe.Therefore, importances of mobile phones are numerous and continue to increase by the day. Firstly, mobile phones are being used in modern society to keep in touché with

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